Guy Earl-Smith, Director

Educated in Paris and England, Guy began a career as a stockbroker in London. Deciding his calling was elsewhere he pursued his passion for antiquity by studying Archaeology and Anthropology at Marquette University in North America.

Guy completed his thesis in Australia and began work as a field archaeologist. He soon found his way into the art and antiquities market. After a brief stint at Sotheby's in Sydney he went on to establish his own boutique auction house in 2000: 'Valuable material culture has been traded for centuries, so buying and selling antiquities is certainly not a new endeavour. To me it is exciting to facilitate the sharing of beautiful art and artefacts with public institutions, enthusiasts, and collectors from around the world.'

David Longfield

David Longfield has had a long association with Guy, bringing with him publishing and online media experience, such as producing the Auction Catalogue on CD in 2008 – a leading innovation and a first for the industry.

He brings with him publishing, photography and client service experience from his work at Oxford University Press and in his own publishing company, Longueville Media.