A Remarkable Collection of Middle Eastern Art Curated from the 1970s

It gives us great pleasure to present this extraordinary collection for sale at our forthcoming auction

The collection comprising works from Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine and the Lebanon; and includes paintings by; Jewad Selim, Ismail Fatah Al-Turk, Sabhan Adam, Ali Reziza, Fahad Al Hjailan, Abdul Azziz Alnajjim, Othman Khuzaim, and others.

Anwar Safar was born in the small village of Tal-Addura, Syria during 1949 after moving to live in Saudi Arabia during the 1970s, Anwar established Bana Art; an art shop and framing business that included a modest art gallery.

These were the golden years of art and culture in Saudi Arabia. The artistic community flourished and Bana Art became a hub for artists. It was during those years that Anwar met and cultivated long lasting friendships with artist from all over the Middle East, many of whom would become some of the regions most celebrated painters and sculptors .

Through his friendships and business dealing with artists, Anwar curated a magnificent and divers collection of art. Over the years Anwar commissioned works directly from artists he would also be given works by artist in return for the supply of materials and as friendships grew Anwar also received many paintings as gifts.