It's one thing to look at photographs of an ancient work of art; that satisfies the curiosity. It's another to read about an historical item; that satisfies the intellect.

To know that the Ganesh you are holding has been passed down through 1500 years of hands like ours, provides a visceral connection to a world that only touching or seeing in person can bring to life. It is an experience that doesn't leave one untouched. Collectors understand this; they understand that these objects from human history make us richer and that we have a duty to protect and preserve them for generations to come.

Provenance is not only central to the value of a piece, but it also fulfills our human need to feel connected to the past; to recall the stories that each work of art holds. Knowing that objects are authentic is critical in terms of history and value. So when we speak of provenance at Guy Earl-Smith Art & Antiquities, we are not doing it with the single dimension of value in mind. Provenance is at the core of what passionate collecting is about, because storytelling is at the core of being human.

If you are interested in consigning your collection or a work of art for one of our auctions; or simply wish to meet with us to discuss the sale of works, we welcome your call.

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